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Frequently Asked Questions
Selling - Frequently Asked Questions
What does selling on JustParts mean?
Selling on JustParts involves listing your items for sale on JustParts.com. When you sell an item, the buyer pays you directly. We simply provide a platform where part buyers and sellers meet and transact with each other.
What products can I sell on JustParts.com?
You can sell new and used items that are related to the auto industry in three categories: Parts & Accessories, Parts Cars and Tools & Equipment.
What type of products are not allowed to be sold on JustParts.com?
Any dangerous, unsafe, illegal or hazardous materials as defined under law in your region and/or the buyer’s region are strictly prohibited.
How much does it cost to sell on JustParts.com?
It is FREE to list your car and truck parts and parts vehicles. JustParts.com charges a very small closing fee of 5% of the item price only when your item has sold. For example, if you sell an item priced at $100, then the closing fee will be $5.00 ($100 x 5%).
How do I get paid?
When a buyer purchases an item, they pay you directly. No funds are sent to JustParts from the buyer. How you receive funds depends on which methods of payment you accept from buyers. We recommend using PayPal so that you can safely receive credit card and bank payments online from buyers.

Also, using PayPal means that you will receive the money immediately after the buyer purchases the item. You can also choose to receive payment by certified check or money order/cashier’s check. It’s up to you.
Do you offer fraud protection?
Yes we do! All buyers using a non-PayPal payment method (certified check, money order etc) must verify their identity before completing the transaction. If buyers pay you through PayPal, then you have built in fraud protection tools so we encourage all users to use PayPal.
Do you have a feedback program and can I import my feedback from other marketplaces?
We are working on a feedback system that should be in place soon. We understand how important your feedback ratings are from other marketplaces and your reputation that goes along with them so we will allow your feedback scores to be imported into JustParts.
How do I add my inventory?
You have two options for listing your parts or part vehicles on JustParts:

1. Use the online selling tools by clicking the Sell tab to list your auto parts one at a time.

2. Export your inventory into an accepted format such as an Excel or a .txt file and we will be happy to import your items into JustParts for FREE.
I sell my items on another marketplace. Can you import my inventory for me?
Absolutely! Simply export your items in an accepted format such as an Excel or a .txt file and we’ll gladly import your items for FREE. Selling on JustParts is a great idea because it can give your items great exposure to a targeted audience that other marketplaces may not adequately reach.
How will buyers find my items?
All of your parts listings and our site pages are search-engine optimized enabling us to be visible by all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live.

As an added bonus, all of your items are sent to Google Product making it easier for buyers from all over the world to find your items. We have also heavily invested in print and online advertising to drive traffic to our site to ultimately sell your items.
When and how do I pay JustParts?
Each month, we'll send you an account statement outlining all of the closing fees you've accumulated. If you owe less than $1.00, we won't send you anything. To pay your account, just click the “Make a Payment” link from the side menu under Sell to bring you to the secure payment page.
Parts Car - Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Parts Car listing?
A Parts Car listing allows you to create one listing for ALL the parts from your vehicle instead of creating thousands of individual listings for each part. That means you can sell parts from your vehicle (eg. alternator, engine, struts etc.) without actually creating listings for each item on JustParts.

This is an entirely new way of selling auto parts on the internet and it will save you countless hours. What could normally take you a full day to create listings for each part from your vehicle will now take you less than 5 Minutes! This is the fastest and most convenient way of selling auto parts online and is exclusive to JustParts.com.
What is the difference between Selling a Part and Posting a Parts Car?
If you choose to sell your car and truck parts, you create an individual listing for each and every part that you want to sell. Knowing that there are thousands of parts on a vehicle, creating a listing for every one of them is very time consuming and inconvenient especially if you have many vehicles for parts.

Listing parts is still a great way to sell your auto parts however, if you have a parts vehicle you would like to sell parts from, using the Parts Car Listing tool will get you selling your parts faster.
How much will it cost to post a parts vehicle?
It 100% FREE to list your parts cars on JustParts.com. JustParts.com charges a very small closing fee of 5% of the item price only for each part that you sell. For example, if you sell an item priced at $100, then the closing fee will be $5.00 ($100 x 5%).
What type of parts can I sell from my parts car?
The great thing about using the Parts Car tool is that it allows you to sell any parts from your vehicle easily. Anything from the engine and transmission, to the seats, dash knobs or the ash tray. It’s up to you. You can sell whatever parts you want as long as they are not dangerous, unsafe, illegal or a hazardous material as defined under law in your region and/or the buyer’s region.
What if a buyer requests an item that is damaged or already sold?
You simply specify that the item is not available by checking “No” under availability. The buyer will be notified that the item is no longer available.
How will buyers find my Parts Cars?
Our search tools are very smart. When buyers search for items, your vehicle listing will appear in the results. For example, let’s say that the buyer searches for an “alternator” for their “2005 Honda Civic”. Your Honda Civic would appear in the results since it may have the parts the buyer wants.

As an added bonus, your vehicle listings are regularly crawled by all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live making it easier for buyers to find your items. We’re also heavily invested in print and online advertising to drive traffic to our site to ultimately sell your items.
Auto Recyclers - Frequently Asked Questions
If I use Hollander, Pinnacle, CheckMate or Car-Part, can I keep using them?
Absolutely. We would never discourage you from using any of these services. Each of them are great and offers something different. JustParts.com is another way for you to make money and allows you to sell items that are difficult to sell using your traditional ways whether it’s Hollander or Car-Part.

JustParts gives you the freedom of showing your vehicle inventory to the world in ways these other systems cannot.
I already use an inventory management system and use Car-Part. Why should I use JustParts?
There are many reasons why you should use JustParts. Here are just a few:

1. JustParts allows you to sell your parts that you couldn’t easily sell using your current systems.

2. Your buyers can actually complete the transactions online and “send you the money” when they purchase items. Other systems only send you sales leads that often result in no sales.

3. Our marketplace is made up of buyers and sellers from all over the world so your items are guaranteed international exposure that most inventory management systems find difficult to match.

4. To see more reasons why you should use
JustParts.com, click here.

About JustParts.com

JustParts.com makes it easy to buy auto parts and sell auto parts on the internet.

About JustParts

Designed by a team of auto parts specialists, JustParts.com was built to provide shoppers with the largest and best selection of new and used parts and accessories on the internet while offering sellers a powerful parts selling platform. JustParts.com is the fastest growing auto parts marketplace for buying, selling and comparison shopping on the net offering more than 4.5 million part applications from thousands of different sellers from around the world.

Our unique business model combines a cutting edge parts Marketplace and Shopping Network consisting of professional auto parts recyclers. When it comes to buying parts and accessories, our mission is to provide shoppers with the best tools to find the parts they’re looking for, at the best price while providing a great shopping experience. When it comes to selling parts, our mission is to provide sellers with the best online selling platform available so they can sell their parts quickly and easily.

The Marketplace

Launched in 2007, the JustParts.com Marketplace was built to fulfill the need for a better online auto parts buying and selling experience. The Marketplace has quickly grown into a global powerhouse packed with the newest and most innovative selling tools to make parts buying and selling easier and faster. It is used by thousands of buyers and sellers from around the world. In November of 2020, JustParts joined forces with Car-Part.com to form a one-of-a-kind professional parts marketplace. To learn more about buying parts and accessories on JustParts click here. To learn more about becoming a seller, click here.

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We are always interested in working with others to provide a better experience for our buyers, sellers and merchants. To learn more about our partnership opportunities, click here.

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