Diesel diagnostic laptop cummins Allison detroit

  •  Diesel diagnostic laptop cummins Allison detroit

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Mableton, Georgia
United States

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  • Mableton, Georgia
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Hi this is a Dell diesel diagnostic laptop perfect for the nexiq usb link this computer laptop has a lot of space for other programs but comes with programs that can diagnostic buses and caterpillars up to 2015 great for the diesel mechanic fleet in the repair field here is all the software it comes with Allison (Included!) - Bendix (Included!) - Detroit Diesel DDDL 7.05 ((Included!) - Detroit Diesel DDCT (Included!) - Detroit Diesel Calibration Tool (Included!) - Eaton Service Ranger 3.2 (Included!) - International DLB (Included!) - International ICAP, IPTS, NETS, IPC (Included!) - International Master Diagnostic (Incluided!) - Meritor and Wabco Diagnostics (Included!) - for Cummins Insite 7.5 (Included!) - Hino 2.0.3. (Included!) - for Caterpillar (Included!) - for Perkins EST 2010B (Included!) - V Macks 2.6.12 (Included!) - V Macks Dealer Pro (Included!) - for Volvo VCADS 2.35.10 (Included!) - for Toyota Techstream for car (Included!) NEXIQ 125032 USB Link Specification

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  •  Diesel diagnostic laptop cummins Allison detroit


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