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Buying Car Parts - FAQs

Buying Car Parts on JustParts.com - Frequently Asked Questions

Find millions of auto parts from thousands of stores across the internet...all from JustParts.com.

What is JustParts.com?

JustParts.com is an online parts Marketplace that connects parts buyers with sellers. Backed by a team of auto parts specialists, JustParts' mission is to provide shoppers with the largest and best selection of new and used car and truck parts, motorcycle parts, accessories and more on the internet. Shoppers can buy, sell or compare prices on 4.5 million different parts using our cutting edge search tools in a website built just for parts. To learn more about JustParts, click here.

How Long Has JustParts Been Around For?

JustParts has been connecting part buyers and sellers since October 2007. Since then, we have evolved into a global powerhouse with more than 4.5 million parts and accessories for sale…and growing. JustParts is now used by millions of buyers and sellers around the world.

Is JustParts a store?

JustParts is not a store and does not buy or sell any auto parts. We connect parts buyers and sellers together. When you purchase an item, you are purchasing it directly from the seller who has listed it on JustParts.

What Type of Parts Can I Buy?

Buyers all over the world come to JustParts.com to shop for all types of parts and accessories including new aftermarket parts, used parts, rebuilt parts, performance and custom built parts for cars and trucks.

When I Buy Parts, Who Am I Buying From?

When you search for auto parts, JustParts will find them and show you the contact information of the seller. If you have questions about the part or if you're ready to make the purchase, you will reach out to the seller directly and handle the purchase offline. JustParts is simply the marketplace that shows you where you can purchase the parts. You are not buying the item from JustParts.

Who Sells on JustParts?

Since our partnership with Car-Part.com in November of 2020, JustParts has transitioned to a marketplace of professional automotive recyclers that sell used, oem parts for all makes and models. To learn more about the JustParts Seller Program, click here.

How Do I Know If The Seller Is Reputable?

Since our Car-Part.com partnership, all sellers on JustParts must be professional auto parts recyclers verified by Car-Part.com.

Is There a Cost To Use JustParts.com?

Buyers can use JustParts for FREE. Only sellers are charged a fee.

I Have a Question About a Part For Sale. What Do I Do?

When you find an item and have questions, you will need to reach out to the seller directly. We show you the phone number of the seller.

What Is a ‘For Parts' Listing?

View answer in Help Center.

I Want To Buy An Item. What Do I Do?

We'll show you the phone number of the seller so you can connect directly with the seller. You will complete the purchase off JustParts.

Where Can I Find More Information About Selling on JustParts?

To learn more about the JustParts Seller Program, click here.

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