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What is is an online parts Marketplace and Shopping Network that connects parts buyers with sellers. Backed by a team of auto parts specialists, JustParts' mission is to provide shoppers with the largest and best selection of new and used car and truck parts, motorcycle parts, accessories and more on the internet. Shoppers can buy, sell or compare prices on 4.5 million different parts using our cutting edge search tools in a website built just for parts. To learn more about JustParts, click here.

How Long Has JustParts Been Around For?

JustParts has been connecting part buyers and sellers since October 2007. Since then, we have evolved into a global powerhouse with more than 4.5 million parts and accessories for sale…and growing. JustParts is now used by millions of buyers and sellers around the world.

Is JustParts a store?

JustParts is not a store and does not buy or sell any auto parts. We connect parts buyers and sellers together. When you purchase an item, you are purchasing it directly from the seller or merchant who has listed it on JustParts.

What Type of Parts Can I Buy?

Buyers all over the world come to to shop and compare prices for all types of parts and accessories including new OEM parts, new aftermarket parts, used parts, rebuilt parts, performance and custom built parts for cars and trucks. We're excited to announce that in a few short months, our users will be able to buy motorcycle parts, heavy equipment parts, boat parts, powersports parts, ATV parts, Jet Ski parts, snowmobile parts...the list goes on. If it's a part or accessory, you can buy it online with JustParts.

When I Buy Parts, Who Am I Buying From?

When you purchase auto parts on JustParts, you are purchasing them directly from the seller or merchant who has listed that part on JustParts. You pay the seller directly and the seller ships the part to you. JustParts is simply the marketplace that facilitates the transaction and connects parts buyers with part sellers. You are not buying the item from JustParts.

Who Sells on JustParts?

JustParts is used by thousands of parts sellers, big and small. We work with part stores, online retailers, wholesalers, distributors, parts recyclers, dealerships, manufacturers, casual sellers and more. Each day sellers around the world post their parts and upload their store data to JustParts. To learn more about the JustParts Seller Program, click here. Anybody can sell on JustParts.

How Do I Know If The Seller Is Reputable?

For our buyers' protection, we have implemented a mandatory Seller Verification Program when users register to sell on JustParts. All sellers are required to complete a credit card and telephone verification process before their seller account is activated. If they do not complete this, they cannot sell on JustParts.

As an added bonus to buyers, sellers are able to complete a thorough business verification process in which a third-party organization verifies if the seller has a legally registered business. For sellers who choose to enrol in this program, a ‘Verified Business' seal will appear on their store and product listings so buyers can have the confidence they are buying from a reputable seller. To see an example of the business seal, click here.

Although we have these security measures in place, we recommend that buyers fully read through each listing and carefully review the shipping, warranty and return policies before making a purchase.

Do You Offer Fraud Protection?

Your safety and security is our number one priority so we only allow sellers to accept payment from buyers using PayPal. PayPal has built-in advanced fraud protection tools and ensures that your private information remains private.

Do You Have a Feedback Program?

Not yet. We understand how important feedback is so we plan to release this feature soon.

Is There a Cost To Use

Buyers can use JustParts for FREE. Only sellers are charged a fee.

I Have a Question About a Part For Sale. What Do I Do?

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I Don't Want to Email The Seller. Can I Phone Them?

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What Is a ‘For Parts' Listing?

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I Want To Buy An Item. What Do I Do?

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How Do I Pay The Seller For The Part?

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What's The Difference Between a Marketplace Sellers and a Merchant?

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I Don't Have a PayPal Account? Do I Need One To Pay For The Part?

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Where Can I Find More Information About Selling on JustParts?

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