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There are no listing fees, no setup fees or no complicated fee structures with JustParts. We like to keep things simple.

FREE To Post Parts - We Keep Things Simple and Affordable

At we strive to take the confusion and mystery out of fees. Unlike other marketplaces with complex fee structures and commission calculations, we like to keep things simple. There are no “insertion fees”, no “listing fees” and no "complicated fee structure". Listing your parts is 100% FREE whether you list one part or ten million parts.

JustParts is “performance based” which means if you don't make money, we don't either. If you don't sell anything, you don't pay anything. It's that simple.

Parts and Accessories Priced Under $1,000

When you sell a part priced under $1,000, we charge you 5% of the item's "selling price". So if you sell an alternator for $50, we charge you $2.50 (5% x $50). If you don’t sell a part, we don’t charge you anything. Other marketplaces can charge as high as 15% or more plus a fee for listing your parts.

That's why is the most affordable choice for selling parts on the internet. We’re happy to offer you the lowest fees in the industry so you can make more profit selling on JustParts.

Parts and Accessories Priced Over $1,000

When you sell a part priced over $1,000, the closing fee is calculated a little differently to save you money. We charge you 5% of the item's "selling price" on the first $1,000 plus 3% on the remaining balance of the selling price. So if you sell an engine for $1,500, we charge you $65.00 (5% x $1000) + (($1500 - $1000) x 3%).

Photo Fees

Every part you list includes five free hosted photos. Hosted photos means that you upload a photo from your computer to the JustParts' servers. Each additional photo we host for you costs $0.50 for storage and hosting. If you host your own photos, there is no charge. You can attach an unlimited number of self-hosted photos for free.

Video Fees

Embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo or other video sites is free. There is no charge.

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How Do You Pay JustParts?

When you sell a part or accessory, we add the closing fee to your seller account. At the end of each month, we send you a monthly statement showing the total charges you’ve accumulated throughout the month. Within 15 days of receiving the statement, you pay your account by credit card or PayPal.

* All pricing is in $ USD. Canadian sellers will be charged in $ CDN.

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